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Every Picture Tells a Story were a series of all-night electronic dance music festivals held at different venues in Melbourne. In 1991 Heidi John and Richard John started a series of warehouse, rave parties. In 1993 they formed the Melbourne Underground Development (M.U.D.) crew with Phil Woodman (aka Phil Voodoo, Deja Voodoo). From 1993 to 1997 the parties were held at the Global Village in suburban, Footscray. Some 21 such parties were held until the year 2000. A one-off Every Picture Tells a Story event was held in April 2010.

M.U.D.‘s Woodman organised the May 2000 event, “Everyone comes in, they live here for a week, they all draw banners… They all work together, they all connect, they are in one mindframe. That’s what started this party.”[1] Woodman, as Deja Voodoo, is a mixed-media artist; an exhibition of his artwork was held in June 2013.[5] M.U.D. also put on other events such as the Pleazure and Strange parties, each had their own themes, d├ęcor, installation art, video graphics and vibe with music performed by dozens of Australian and international live acts and DJs.

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